Giving Back to the Community

It Stops Here Foundation

It Stops Here is a Oklahoma Non Profit Organization that was founded in 2019 to help bring awareness to Oklahoma having one of the largest number of people incarcerated in the Nation. Most individuals who are serving prison sentences we have found are for non violent offenses and in most cases they are first time offenders. With all the prison reform going on in the world Oklahoma falls behind on the important and much needed initiatives to free non violent offenders and in particular individuals who are serving time for MJ. Some inmates serving time for MJ have longer terms (years) to serve then most sex crimes or even assault/murder crimes.

House Bill 788 passed - a people initiated petition in Oklahoma making MJ legal from a medical stand point on a State Level. As of November 2021 the State has issued over 385K Patients medical cards, over 9k growers, 2,432 dispensaries, 1,617 Processors, 100 Transporters, 28 Laboratories, 9 Waste Disposals totaling over 400k legal medical mj licenses in the state. These patients and businesses have paid over $5M in taxes. But yet there are still hundreds of thousands of individuals still doing prison sentences in the state and federal prison for MJ.

It Stops Here is a organization that is a voice for the voiceless incarcerated and for the children who has a parent or a loved one who is currently incarcerated for MJ. Our goal is to raise awareness of this much needed prison reform. When a parent is taken away to the justice system and ripped out of the children's lives especially for a MJ charge this creates unnecessary problems for the entire family. Many grandparents are forced to raise their grandchildren (or other legal guardians) on a very limited income and step into a role that they should not have to step into just to ensure the children do not fall short into the city child protection systems.

It Stops Here accepts donations all through the year and has a annual Thanks Giving Meal and Christmas Toy Drive for children who’s parents are currently incarcerated. This wont help bring their parents home right away but at least we can help take the financial burdens off the grandparents or legal guardians of the children to help make there days a little brighter.

In 2022 It Stops Here has expanded their mission with more events to raise awareness for prison reform by working with the the largest Medical event in the state of Oklahoma. The Patient Driven Festival will host Music Quest Competition and CP Awards to help raise money for the non profit organization. The Festival will facilitate with It Stops Here a visual act of notice putting a message to the community to bring their children who’s parents are currently incarcerated for MJ to the 420 event and create a human chain shaped like a heart and working on a Guinness Book of World Records. We hope to bring awareness on a national level so that perhaps the law makers in Oklahoma and around the world will see the seriousness of how all these children's parents are currently incarcerated while their children attend the largest medical event in the state. Money collected from the 3 different competitions and Award Show a large portion will be donated to It Stops Here.